V0.6 (Round 4)

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Dark Forest version 0.6, round 4, began on Friday, October 1, 2021. The round ended four days later on Monday, October 4, 2021 at 9PM Pacific Time.

This round is named after the planet Society Eggnog, whose “Mega HAT” was purchased by @dropswap_gg. The round name of Round 5 will also be determined by the largest HAT from this round (tiebroken by energy cap and purchase time).


This round contains a familiar objective: score as many points as possible. Score is obtained by withdrawing silver from spacetime rips and by discovering artifacts.

Additionally, you may have noticed that the duration of the round is shorter than usual – the round will end faster, but the game is also being sped up to run more quickly. Time literally runs faster in round 4. It’s a lightning round! Will you be able to keep up!?


  • The winner of this round was orden_gg.
  • There were 9 Mythic, 258 Legendary, 2858 Epic, 11474 rare and 7252 common artifacts discovered throughout the round.



Move speed in this universe has been dramatically increased! As a result, your voyages will complete far more quickly than usual. Points are gained by withdrawing silver and discovering artifacts. The basic universe ruleset has been rolled back to the round 2 version.


Added option to auto-dismiss transaction confirmation and rejection notifications. Re-added shortcuts which allow you to select how much silver to send: [Shift+number]. Added settings for disabling hat and emoji rendering, which improves performance.


Shortcuts within modals now only trigger on the currently selected modal. Fixed buggy tooltip implementation - they now trigger properly even if you move your mouse quickly. Fixed our ERC721 metadata backend. This means artifacts should show up properly in third-party tools.

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