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(also known as planet "Ranks")

Planets are the only celestial body which can be upgraded.
Upgrades present themselves as rings around a planet. There are three types:


Each stat can be upgraded a maximum of 4 times on a planet.

Planets of different space types may have 3/4/5/5 (Nebula/Space/Deep Space/Dead Space) upgrades total. Upgrades will also increase the energy capacity and energy regen of a planet with each upgrade, increasing both by a factor of 1.2 per upgrade, for a total of 2.48832x (1.2^5) base energy capacity and regen at rank 5.

Each rank upgrade of a planet requires a linearly increasing amount of silver for each subsequent rank: 20%/40%/60%/80%/100% (of planet silver cap)

Silver must be sent to a planet for it to become upgradeable. This can be done through sending silver from an asteroid field or by using a bloom filter artifact.


The way in which upgrade rings around a planet arrange themselves is always in the order (from centre, outwards): Defense, Range, Speed.

It is possible, in v0.6 (Round 5), to have an upgraded asteroid field if a planet is upgraded, then abandoned, then a Crescent spaceship is used on the abandoned planet.