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Score determines a player's position on the leaderboard. Each round, there are unique objectives to increase score, and unique prizes for those who get high scores.

In Dark Forest v0.6 (Round 2), a player can gain score through two different means:

To withdraw silver via a Spacetime Rip, silver must be sent to a Spacetime Rip, and then withdrawn from that spacetime rip. This silver can be sent from any planet that can hold silver.

To discover an artifact, these steps must occur in order:

  • A player must find a Foundry.
  • Once that Foundry reaches at least 95% of it's Energy Cap, the player can click the "Prospect" button.
  • After Prospecting completes, the player MUST click the "Find" button and successfully complete the "Find" transaction within 250 xDai blocks.
  • After the Find transaction completes, the Foundry now has an artifact within it that the player can then activate, move to another planet, or withdraw via a Spacetime Rip.

The score for an artifact is calculated as soon as the artifact is discovered, after the "Find" transaction completes. The score is automatically rewarded to the player who found the artifact. If the artifact exchanges hands afterwards and another player gets it, the score does NOT get transferred.

Point values[edit]

Silver score value:

  • 1 silver withdrawn = 1 score

Artifact rarity score values:

  • Common - 5,000
  • Rare - 20,000
  • Epic - 240,000
  • Legendary - 3,000,000
  • Mythic - 20,000,000 (requires citation)