Photoid Cannon

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The Photoid Cannon is one of the five artifacts with unique properties introduced in Dark Forest v0.6.

It is a one-time-use artifact.

The Photoid Cannon gives the ability to fire a single attack with massively boosted range and speed.

Upon activating a Photoid Cannon, the planet that activated it will be subject to a countdown timer where the planet temporarily loses some defense. The first attack sent from the planet after the countdown completes will gain a boost in range and speed. After this, the Photoid Cannon artifact is destroyed.

To see the time remaining on the countdown:

  • Select the planet that has the Photoid Cannon activated
  • Open the planet artifact panel (or press "S")
  • Click on the Photoid Cannon to open the artifact details
  • View the countdown timer

Photoid Cannon
Planet Level Common Rare Epic Legendary Mythic
Range 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Speed 400% 900% 1400% 1900% 2400%
Defense -50% -60% -70% -80% -90%


v0.6 (Round 1) Photoid Cannon was introduced to Dark Forest.
v0.6 (Round 2) Photoid Cannon countdown time was reduced to 4 hours.
v0.6 (Round 3) Photoid Cannons are more common.

Photoid Cannons range buff is set to 2x, and speed buffs are halved.