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Energy is one of the two main resources in Dark Forest, alongside silver. Before Dark Forest v0.5, energy was known as "population."

Energy is the primary resource of the game and allows a user to make moves from one place to another.

Energy regenerates over time. Regeneration rates are on an S-curve, meaning that the fastest rate of regeneration occurs when a planet is at 50% of its energy cap. In line with this, a planet regenerates the slowest when it is close to 0% and again when closing in on 100% of its energy cap.

Energy Cap[edit]

All celestial bodies have an energy cap:

  • Planet: normal (baseline) energy caps.
  • Quasar: roughly twice the energy cap of a Planet.
  • Foundry: roughly the same energy cap of a Planet.

Energy cap and regeneration rate factors:


The developers posted the formulas used in calculating a planet's energy growth over time in this Github issue: [1].

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