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Claiming is a function added to Dark Forest for Round 3. It may merely be a temporary function for Round 3, or it may persist in following rounds and versions of Dark Forest.

In Round 3, players must claim their planets to obtain score, which will then place them on the leaderboard.

The closer a claimed planet is to the center of the universe (coordinates 0,0), the more score that planet will be worth.

Only one claimed planet is considered for a player's score -- their closest planet to the center of the universe will override the score of all their other planets.

How to Claim a Planet[edit]

  • After capturing a planet via normal means, select that planet.
  • In the planet panel, click the button called "Claim Planet" (Keybind c).
  • Click "Claim Planet." This will initiate a blockchain transaction.
  • Once the transaction completes, the panel will adjust to say "You've claimed this planet!"

Important Claim Notes[edit]

  • Only level 3+ planets can be claimed.
  • Any celestial body can be claimed.
  • There is no minimum energy requirement for claiming a planet - 1% energy and 100% energy are both fine.
  • If a player captures a planet that was previously owned by another player, they will be able to claim that for themselves, and that claim will override the initial claim.
  • Players can only initiate one claim action, at most, every three hours.