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The Wormhole is one of the five artifacts with unique properties introduced in Dark Forest v0.6.

Wormholes can be re-used, but undergo a cooldown period when deactivated.

Upon activation, the player is prompted to select a planet to "connect" to the planet that holds the Wormhole artifact. Once a player selects a planet of choice, a Wormhole will be opened between the two — this is indicated by a new, persistent purple line between the two planets. All transfers of energy (and silver and artifacts) between these two planets will travel faster and experience less energy decay.

The amount of speed and reduction of decay between the two planets is based off of the rarity of the Wormhole artifact — higher rarity Wormhole artifacts will result in faster energy transfers and less decay.

The bonus provided by a Wormhole artifact is irrespective of biome type, and it's bonuses can be seen below:

Planet Level Common Rare Epic Legendary Mythic
Effective distance of connected planets 2x 4x 8x 16x 32x

Note: Both planets must be owned by the player to activate a Wormhole. If one of the two planets connected by a Wormhole is subsequently captured by another player, transfers in either direction over the Wormhole will have 0 Energy. (Transfers from other planets not connected by the Wormhole remain unchanged.)

If an energy move is made by a planet via a wormhole, and the destination planet is captured by another player before the wormhole move lands, the entire wormhole move is nullified and will land with 0 energy.