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Withdraw artifact.png

Artifacts may be withdrawn by sending them to a Spacetime Rip and then selecting "withdraw this artifact" from the artifact panel. Activated artifacts must first be deactivated before they are available to withdraw.

Artifacts require Spacetime Rips of a minimum level to withdraw depending on the artifact's rarity:

  • Common: Level 2+ Spacetime Rip
  • Rare: Level 3+ Spacetime Rip
  • Epic: Level 4+ Spacetime Rip
  • Legendary: Level 5+ Spacetime Rip
  • Mythic: Level 6+ Spacetime Rip

Once withdrawn, artifacts are removed from the game and stored in the player's wallet on the xDai network. When viewing your artifact list the location of withdrawn artifacts will be listed as "inventory". Note that wallet support for artifacts is currently limited (e.g. will not display artifact image) and artifacts may not yet be transferred to the Ethereum mainnet.

Withdrawn artifacts may be deposited to any Spacetime Rip that a player controls by selecting the "Deposit Artifact" option on the Rip's artifact panel.

Since artifacts are ERC-721 NFTs, they may be transferred between wallets. Currently there exists only an informal marketplace for buying and selling artifacts in the Dark Forest Discord.