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A whitelist key is what you need to play Dark Forest.

A whitelist key is used to validate your entry to the Dark Forest. The game recognizes valid whitelist keys and then consumes the key to give your wallet permission to access and play the current round of the game.

A whitelist key for Dark Forest will look similar to this:


Activating a Whitelist Key

A whitelist key is activated when you are prompted for it during the onboarding flow for Dark Forest.

1. Go to https://zkga.me

2. Click "Enter"

3. Select "n" to generate a new burner wallet account (or select "i" to import a private key).

4. A burner wallet will be generated for you. Heed the warnings, and then press any key to continue.

5. Type "y" if you have a whitelist key (if you do not have a whitelist key, learn how to obtain a whitelist key).

6. Paste your whitelist key.


Q: Does my whitelist key work for future rounds?

A: No. Each Dark Forest round requires a new whitelist key.

Q: Can my key be used more than once?

A: No. Once a whitelist key is attached to a wallet, it is effectively consumed and cannot be used again.


A: Learn how to obtain a whitelist key.