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The contents of this article are up to date for Dark Forest v0.6 Round 3.

Dark Forest version 0.6, round 3, begins on Thursday, August 12, 2021. The round ends nine days later on Sunday, August 22, 2021 @ 9AM Pacific Time.

This round is named after the planet Grape Extra-Small, whose “Legendary HAT” was purchased by @cronii0x. The round name of Round 4 will also be determined by the largest HAT from this round (tiebroken by energy cap and purchase time).


This round is quite a change of pace from previous rounds: It’s a race to the center of the universe.

Player score is dependent on how close they can get to the center (0,0) of the universe.

This round introduces a new mechanic to Dark Forest known as claiming.

Please note that:

  • After capturing a planet, a player must claim that planet for it to be considered for scoring.
  • Only one claimed level 3+ planet is considered for each player’s score - their closest claimed planet to (0,0) will override the score of their other planets.
  • If another player steals a planet and then claims it (even if another player previously claimed it), that planet will no longer be considered for the first claimant's score.
  • Players can claim one planet, at most, once every 3 hours. (eg: If a player captures two planets, they must decide which one to claim first, and then wait 3 hours to claim the next)
  • At the center of the universe (0,0), there is a single lvl 9 planet. Holding this planet at the end of the round will be a guaranteed first place, as it is the center of the universe.
  • In the event of a tie, ‘time of claim’ will be used as a tiebreaker.


  • The winner of this round was dropswap_gg.
  • There were 30 Mythic, 355 Legendary, 4385 Epic, 24042 rare and 16708 common artifacts discovered throughout the round.


There are a number of changes, most of which are particular for this round alone for balance purposes:

  • Planets cannot be transferred between players.
  • Photoid Cannons are more common.
  • Photoid Cannons have been tuned: range buff is always 2x, and speed buffs are halved.
  • Quasars have been buffed: they now have normal speed, and they contain fewer space pirates!
  • Similar to the previous round, the entire universe is made up of only deep and dead space.
  • Artifacts have shared no new knowledge with us, and as such, players are unable to speak with them this round.

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