V0.6 (Round 2)

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The contents of this article are up to date for Dark Forest v0.6 Round 2.

Dark Forest version 0.6, round 2, began on Monday, June 28, 2021. The round ended nine days later on Wednesday, July 7, 2021 @ 9PM Pacific Time.

This round is named after the planet Inspire Hallowed, whose “Huge HAT” was purchased by @redcraftCapital. The round name of Round 3 will also be determined by the largest HAT from this round (tiebroken by energy cap and purchase time).


The core mechanics of the Round 2 universe are similar to that of Round 1. However, the scoring function has been altered, and we’ve also made a number of gameplay and performance updates.

  • Scoring update: Players can now earn points by harvesting artifacts on foundries. The number of points earned for each artifact depends on the artifact’s rarity.
  • Into the depths: Players spawn in deep space; the entire universe is deep space/dead space.
  • Artifact stat rebalancing: Artifacts found in corrupted biomes now have their buffs reduced.
  • Performance updates: Lots of optimization to improve performance for players with large maps.
  • Mark your territory: Signal friendliness or hostility to your neighbores by placing emojis on planets you own!
  • Note that artifacts found in previous rounds (v0.5 and v0.6 Round 1) are NOT forwards compatible with the v0.6 Round 2 universe. As Dark Forest is still in beta, we hope to maintain the flexibility to iterate on the Artifacts API and mechanics as development progresses.

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