Upgrading planets

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Upgrade planet.png

Planets may be upgraded to increase their rank and buff baseline stats by spending silver.

To upgrade a planet, you must select a planet with sufficient silver and the desired branch to upgrade: Defense, Range, or Speed.

Only regular planets Level 1 and above may be upgraded; quasars, foundries, asteroid fields, spacetime rips, and Level 0 planets may not be upgraded.

Upgrade Costs[edit]

The cost to upgrade a planet is determined by two factors: the planet's silver cap and its current Planet Rank.

upgradeCost = (planet.silverCap * 20 * (totalLevel + 1)) / 100

Upgrade Buffs[edit]

All upgrades increase the planet's energy cap and energy growth. Depending on which branch was selected, the corresponding stat is also buffed by an amount proportional to its upgrade multiplier:

  • Energy cap multiplier: 120%
  • Energy growth multiplier: 120%
  • Defense multiplier: 120%
  • Range multiplier: 125%
  • Speed multiplier: 175%

Upgrade Rank[edit]

Each upgrade increases the planet's rank, up to a maximum Planet Rank dependent upon the Space Type of the planet:

  • Nebula max Planet Rank: 3
  • Space max Planet Rank: 4
  • Deep space max Planet Rank: 5
  • Dead space max planet Rank: 5

In addition to overall Planet Rank, any given branch may be upgraded up to four times for a maximum of Branch Rank 4. For example, a commonly used configuration is to max out a planet's Range (i.e. upgrade Range four times) and use the final upgrade on Speed or Defense.