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Dark Forest has a variety of useful keyboard shortcuts/keybinds available by default.

Global Shortcuts

These are the shortcuts a player can use anytime in the game, regardless of what panels are open or not.

  • ` Move the explorer
  • space Toggle exploring

Panel Shortcuts

These shortcuts open and close game panels

  • t go back/close modal
  • i open Diagnostics panel
  • h open Settings panel
  • j open Help panel
  • k open Plugins panel
  • l open Artifacts panel
  • ; open Planet Dex panel

Planet Shortcuts

These are the shortcuts which only work or display information when a planet is selected.

  • s open Planet Artifacts panel
  • x open Hat panel
  • z open Broadcast panel
  • a open Upgrade panel
  • c open Claim Planet panel
  • Number Key: select number key * 10 energy. (with the exception of 0 which selects 100%). For example, 5 will select 50% energy.