Sending energy

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In Dark Forest, one might send energy from one planet to another for a multitude of reasons:

  • To capture an unclaimed planet.
  • To attack a planet and reduce it's current energy (make it weaker / more vulnerable, if unable to capture it outright).
  • To fill up the energy cap of another allied planet more quickly (reinforcements).
  • To transfer silver to another planet for upgrades, or to a Spacetime Rip to withdraw it and add to their score.
  • To transfer an artifact.

Energy is required no matter what a user is trying to send. Even if the goal is to move silver or an artifact, energy must be sent along with it as a baseline requirement.

Sending energy[edit]

To send energy from one planet to another, you must first select the planet that you want to send FROM. Then, in the planet setting pane, adjust the amount of energy (and silver and/or an artifact, if desired) that you want to send. After selecting the appropriate value(s), you can send energy by doing any of the following:

  • Click "Send" and then move your mouse and left click on the planet you'd like to send to.
  • Hold down left click on the planet you want to send FROM, and then drag your mouse over the planet you want to send TO, and then release your left click.
  • Press "S" on your keyboard and then left click on the planet you want to send TO. (See other keyboard shortcuts)