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A private key is the single key that can access an account. If anyone gets a hold of someone else's private key, they can take everything from that account AND control any connected Dark Forest account. Do not give away or lose a private key.

When setting up a Dark Forest account, a user is prompted to either create a burner wallet or import a private key.

Creating a burner wallet will output a brand new public key and a private key.

Importing a private key will import a previously created public key and private key.

After creating/importing a wallet:[edit]

  • The private key for that wallet is the secret key that a player should never share with anyone else, because it has the power to control the entire wallet and any connected Dark Forest account.

Private key management[edit]

!!! It is VERY important to note that whether a burner wallet is generated or an external private key is imported, that private key for that wallet is stored in the browser. This is inherently NOT SECURE, which is partially why they're called "burner" wallets.

Most players should be generating burner wallets when setting up a Dark Forest account. After doing so, they should only send small amounts of xDai to it to continue playing.