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Is Dark Forest pay to win?

Currently only hat transactions go to support the developers. They make NO money on any other transactions and in fact airdrop a ~5 cents of xDai to you as part of your whitelist key so you can play the game a bit to check it out. The Dark Forest team so far has shown no interest in selling ways to win more/faster. However you do need to understand that most/all blockchains achieve their decentralized goals through incentives and libertarian marketplaces. Libertarian markets are by definition pay to win. You have to pay to have your transaction included in the block, and when congestion occurs you have the freedom to either wait as long as necessary until the price falls, or pay more to have it included. Ideally blockchain scaling solutions will reduce the *percentage of time* blockchains are congested, but by definition they are marketplaces and the thing they offer you is the freedom to choose if you would like to pay transact at this moment in time.