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Sometimes, a player may load into Dark Forest and find that their map is completely empty, with no space or planets revealed anymore.

Sometimes this is resolved by simply zooming out further and scrolling around to try and find the right area - this is likelier to be the solution as the universe gets larger and, as a result, a player's starting area looks smaller and easier to lose sight of.

If a player is simply lost, they can try:

  • Looking at coordinates on the bottom-right of the game window (aka the viewport), and scrolling around until they find the coordinates [0,0] which is the center of the universe, and using that as a starting point for the search. (Sometimes players have been looking at coordinates of 1000000+, which is typically far beyond the edges of the universe.)
  • Open the Planet Dex, select an owned planet, and then open the console on the right side of the game and enter the following command: ui.getViewport().centerCoords(ui.getSelectedPlanet().location.coords). This will center the viewport on that planet.

If Performance Mode was on prior to reloading the page, try toggling it on/off in the Settings panel.

  • Sometimes, simply turning on the miner will show the original map to the player.

Sometimes, a map file may actually be suddenly empty, and this is usually because one of two reasons:

  • A player is using a new device/browser and needs to import their map file from their previous browser.
  • A player's device/browser storage is too full, and deleted the map file involuntarily.

Map files are NOT recoverable after they are lost, therefore it's always recommended to make backups.