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How do I make money?[edit]

Short answer: Dark Forest is not built for users to make money - there are no game mechanics that involve a user being paid directly by the game.

Surprisingly, blockchains aren't specifically for making money. Amongst many things they're about permission-less access to distributed communal resources.

Currently Dark Forest is unexplored territory and an invitation for you to explore and tell your story. How to value the game and your time is up to you and the community to decide.

Individuals have sold chunk explorer access (high-powered map mining), node rpc access, raw map data, high-quality spawn locations, and plugin development services, as well as some artifacts. Beginning in Dark Forest v0.6 Round 1, post-game prizes are NFTs and have also changed hands for money.

That being said, first and foremost Dark Forest is a game - have fun. If you stop having fun, please take a break. Dark Forest is a vision of the future pulled into our time. It may take years, it may fail.

Let's find out together.

Is there a Dark Forest token?[edit]

No. Dark Forest is played on the xDai blockchain and utilizes the $xDai token to play.