How to obtain a whitelist key

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To start playing Dark Forest, two things must be true:

  • There must be an active round of Dark Forest.
  • You must obtain and activate a whitelist key for that specific round.

How to get a whitelist key[edit]

Meet the objective requirement for the previous round.

In Dark Forest v0.6, there are multiple rounds. Participating in the scoring objective for those rounds will guarantee you a key for the next round (at least, this has been true thus far).

  • If a user scored at least 1 point in round 1, they were guaranteed to receive a round 2 whitelist key via email.
  • If a user found 1 artifact in round 2, they were guaranteed to receive a round 3 whitelist key via email.
  • If a user claimed at least 1 planet in round 3, they are guaranteed to receive a round 4 whitelist key via email.

Be on the mailing list.

The best chance you have of getting a whitelist key is to make sure you're on the email list. To be on that list, enter your email at!

Join Discord.

The Dark Forest Discord server has a channel called #ask-for-keys, where sometimes the moderators and developers will drop in a few keys here and there. (Please do not DM asking for keys. Please please please.)

Engage in the community.

In general, being an active part of the community will increase your odds of receiving a key. Engage with real discussion, make friends, and keys might appear. :) Plus, every now and then there are keys given out in various community channels:

Bonus: have a friend with a key!

Starting in Dark Forest v0.6 (and no promises that it will continue), if you receive a whitelist key in your email it may come with extras to give to a friend or to anyone!