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In Dark Forest, each burner wallet is dripped a few cents worth of xDai. This is enough for a good amount of transactions, but more xDai will be needed to play at length.

2-3 Dai is plenty if a player wants to simply play the game for a GOOD amount of time, but it's always good to have extra.

This is one method:

1. First, you need Dai. I recommend obtaining Dai on a DEX like Uniswap or a CEX like Coinbase / Coinbase Pro.

2. Send your Dai to the wallet that you use with Dark Forest. This can be the burner wallet you generated, or a wallet that you imported to Dark Forest. Either way, you need to send Dai to the wallet that you use to play Dark Forest.

3. Make sure you have MetaMask installed, and add the xDai network as a custom network to your MetaMask. Follow this guide. It's easy!

4. Import your Dark Forest wallet into MetaMask with the private key of whichever wallet you use with Dark Forest. Step 1Step 2

5. Use the xDai bridge to convert your Dai to xDai! Follow this guide.

Once you've done the above, you should have xDai in the wallet that you use with Dark Forest, and you'll be able to kick ass and take planets.

How to move DAI from BSC to native xDai to play Dark Forest[edit]

The last steps show how to convert your DAI to native xDai using the Ethereum-xDai bridge, but if you have your DAI in BSC there are other ways to make the move without paying that much fees, there is a bridge from BSC to xDai (Omnibridge).

When you try to use this bridge to transfer DAI from BSC to xDai, you will see an advice that says "Bridging DAI token to xDai Chain DOES NOT mint native xDai token. If you want native xDai, use the xDai Ethereum Bridge", this means that you will not receive the xDai you need to play Dark Forest, you will receive a token that will be in the xDai network and represent the DAIs you transferred from the BSC.

You need to swap these "DAI (BSC)" for native xDai, so, to do this, you will go to a DEX like Honeyswap and swap "BDAI" for "XDAI", this will give you the native xDai you need to pay fees in the xDai network that is the same xDai that is used to play Dark Forest.

How to move DAI from Polygon (Matic) to native xDai to play Dark Forest[edit]

If you have your DAI in Polyon([1]), you can use the bridge from Polygon to xDai (Xpollinate).

(Steps) to add Polygon network to Metamask

A note on being secure and smart (aka not losing your money)[edit]

Generally it is NEVER recommended to be playing fast and loose with copying and pasting private keys. Doing so is oftentimes leads to a user's first experience of losing their funds, whether it's via a phishing site or by simply pasting it in the wrong place.

Hopefully Dark Forest will eventually use more secure methods and/or develop/integrate a safer and more secure user interface for wallet interactions.

That being said, the game is still in an EARLY TESTING PHASE and the trade-off of less security for easier onboarding UX is somewhat acceptable for *experienced users*.

It's a fact of life that at some point you will screw up when you're using private keys, and the best way to soften that blow is to:

  • Make sure you do not load your burner wallet with any significant amounts of money. Only load it with amounts that you would be okay losing.
  • Do not linger when taking the above steps. Being slow and lackadaisical is bad. When you're done entering your private key, make sure to copy some other random text to your clipboard so you don't mistakenly paste it somewhere else.