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Want to help improve DFWiki?! It's greatly appreciated.

If you'd like to see something created or updated on this wiki but don't want to do it yourself, you can fill out this request form.

There are two main ways you can help:

  • Create a page that doesn't exist already
  • Edit and improve an existing page

If you want to do either of the above, please consider these following contribution guidelines:

Make an account![edit]

Making a user account will attach any of your page edits to that account, so we can reach out to you if there are any questions or concerns. Making an account also helps deter any vandalism/spam from occurring, which may be an issue in the future.

Utilize proper formatting![edit]

Mediawiki has a lot of fantastic formatting tools:

Name pages appropriately![edit]

Thus far, there are two types of pages.

  • Definition/description ('Artifact' aka "this is what an artifact is")
  • Tutorial/guide ('Activating Artifacts' aka "this is how to activate an artifact").

Please keep new pages framed in one of these two ways.

Utilize proper spelling, grammar, and point of view![edit]

Most of the pages on this wiki should be written in third-person point of view. This means all articles refer to "the player" or "they/them" and that's it.

✔️ "The player is able to..."

✔️ "This allows the player to..."

❌ "You are able to..."

❌ "This allows you to..."

❌ "I am able to..."

❌ "This allows me to..."


DFWiki's primary goal is to have accurate information for players of Dark Forest. Please, PLEASE make sure that any information you're adding to the wiki is accurate and up-to-date.

I don't imagine there'll be too many issues with poor quality, so I'm not too concerned about gating page creations and edits. If it does get bad for some reason and everything turns to crap, I'll have to turn on some extra levels of approval so not everything is automatically approved.