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Artifacts are items that enhance planets in Dark Forest. They were introduced in Dark Forest v0.5 and initially only served as a stat modifier. In Dark Forest v0.6, a few artifacts with new features were introduced.

Artifacts must first be discovered, and then they must be activated for their properties to take effect in-game.

Artifacts are ERC-721 NFTs. Upon discovering an artifact, transporting it to and/or activating it on a planet, it is still held within the game. Artifacts can be withdrawn to a player's wallet via a Spacetime Rip, at which time it will be removed from the game and stored in the player's wallet.

As of Dark Forest v0.6, artifacts can only be discovered on Foundry planets.

Artifacts are key to understanding the lore of Dark Forest. You can talk to artifacts to learn more.

Artifact types[edit]

Four artifact types introduced in v0.5 are purely stat modifiers:

Five artifact types introduced in v0.6 have unique properties:

Artifact rarity[edit]

All artifacts have a rarity (quality) level. Artifacts can be one of the following rarity:

As of v0.6, an artifact's rarity is determined by the planet level of the Foundry that produced it, which gives a base value equal to the foundry level, plus a random bonus modifier. The modifier has a 1/16 chance of being +1, and a 1/64 chance of being +2.

A Common artifact is found with a value of 0 or 1, Rare of 2 or 3, Epic of 4 or 5, Legendary of 6 or 7, and Mythic of 8+.

Artifact usage restrictions[edit]

There are 3 types of artifacts that are restricted by the level of the planet:

  • Black Domains
  • Planetary Shields
  • Bloom Filters

Their usage is restricted to the following planet levels:

  • Common - Level 1 & Level 2 planets
  • Rare - Level 3 & Level 4 planets
  • Epic - Level 5 & Level 6 planets
  • Legendary - Level 7 & Level 8 planets
  • Mythic - Level 9 planets


Q: I have a Foundry that says "This planet has a powerful artifact hidden somewhere! Maybe you could find it..." How do I find it?

A: Select the planet. Underneath the send energy selection % bar, there should be a "Prospect" button that the player can click.

Q: There's no "Prospect" button on my Foundry.

A: A foundry has to have 95% energy in order to prospect. Another reason is that another player may have already prospected the foundry.

Q: I prospected on my Foundry and came back later but I still can't find my artifact.

A: After prospecting, artifacts have to be found within 256 blocks. Otherwise, the artifact is lost forever.

Q: What happens if I don't withdraw my artifact?

A: If you don't withdraw your artifact via a Spacetime Rip by the time the active Dark Forest universe gets shut down, your artifact is likely inaccessible forever.

Q: Can I use my artifacts for future rounds?

A: Historically, players have not been able use their artifacts in future rounds.